locusgraphic, with clients in a variety of industries and disciplines, provides a range of design services from world wide web site creation to graphic design to book publishing.

Every project, no matter its size, budget or subject, interests us. Our process of design is a dynamic one with active participation from our clients and our prime concern is the consistent clear graphic representation of a company whether through logo design, letterhead, brochure, or web site.

Design is not merely a matter of composing text and graphics on a page or web site. For us it is about listening carefully to the needs and desires of the client and creating a solution based on those desires that is clean, well-balanced, and understandable, all the while producing something that is both artistic and artful.

services include:

Letterhead, Business Card and Logo Design
Brochure and Postcard Design
Web Site Design and Programming
Web Site Marketing Consulting
Book and Cover Design
Systems Consulting
Network Consulting